We offer a comprehensive four-year preschool program that sets little learners up for primary school and most importantly, for life. 

Seed (Play Group)  seed

Age: 1 year 6 months to 3 years

A gentle transition from home to school without their mommies, this program is designed to foster confidence, independence, and social development. The kids learn language and pre-math skills combined with science and practical life. They also learn about the world they live in and become independent little humans.

Seedlings (Nursery) seedling

Age: 3 to 4 years

Exploring experiences with material and activities to discover new concepts and build social skills. Children are wonderfully inquisitive at this age. We support curiosity and offer encouragement to make discoveries. Each child fosters talent and ability through play with peers and teachers, and grows at his/her own pace.

Sapling (Junior KG) sapling

Age: 4 to 5 years

One of the many challenges four year olds face is the transition from being taken care of to realising they can do more for themselves. In this program, focus is on recognition of letters and phonetic sounds, handwriting, sight words, reading, readiness, maths concepts, and exploring the world around through science, social studies and technology.

Young Tree (Senior KG) bachpan-course-2

Age: 5 to 6 years

The program is designed to prepare children for the big transition to primary school. Children practice many social, developmental, intellectual and physical skills through the year. Self-help skills are highlighted. This is the year when the children enjoy a structured academic day with a balance of the core curriculum and specialised subjects.


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We have a Play way Method of learning with a blend of international methodologies viz kindergarten method, learning with Montessori Kit and other teaching aids and concept rooms. Bachpan, has always believed in technological advancement for our kids & parents. We have all new & unique learning tool by means of speak-o-kit. There is a speak-O-pen which can read out, sing, pronounce or say rhymes, as soon as we touch it to the printed matter on the speak-o- book.

The core of the curriculum is the thematic rooms which give live & life experiences. Each room is built with a theme and a concept that enables child to associate with, appreciate and learn from the environment.

The curriculum comprises a variety of creative activities in different areas of child development to help in learning with interest and for a long lasting retention.


  • Staff members trained in safety aspects
  • Child-friendly spaces
  • Arrangement of classroom in a way to have total visibility of children
  • safe storage and warming of food
  • Safe outdoor play area
  • Chemicals kept under locked and away from the reach of children
  • Inspect for environmental hazards regularly
  • Emergency plans are in place
  • Well established safety rules
  • CCTV monitoring
  • First-aid trained staff
  • Daily cleaning and inspection of toys and equipment
  • Play area attendants
  • Tie-ups with pediatricians
  • Our friendly front desk staff, caring teachers and attentive Center Head are available to answer your queries and take for the school tour.

Day Care & Learning Center (DCLC)

Bachpan’s DCLC creates a warm, friendly, home- away-from-home environment, where children feel safe, secure and welcomed and are treated with kindness and respect. Each child is given the freedom to play, have fun, learn and interact at their own pace. Our staff has been carefully selected, is loving & caring and has been extensively trained to meet high standards for the health, safety, hygiene and child care. It operates on all weekdays from 8.30am to 8pm and on Saturdays up to 1.30 pm for age groups of 6 months to 10 years. In the today’s world every child needs to be an all-rounder for which activities have to be planned out carefully, considering their interest and passion.

Our Features

  1. Safety
    Safety is the prime focus at our daycare center. Our vigilant caretakers ensure the safe & secure environment for the child without compromising on their freedom.
  2. Hygiene
    Clean and well maintain day care center. We practice sick policy. Our caretakers ensure a tidy environment and encourage children to abide by it as well. All measures are taken to promote good health of children.
    We understand the fact that parents are concerned about the daily routine of their child while they are away from them. We provide updates for the entire day spent by the child. These includes activities & daily routine of the child i.e. lunch time, nap time, snacks time etc.
    Apart from the social climate that compliments with the child’s home, our facilities are also designed to give a homely feel; like a separate nap area, dedicated dining area, play area, activity area, attached washrooms etc.
    We have a healthy caretaker and child ratio. Each child requires special attention. According to child’s need we provide activities from them.

Child’ s development is the responsibility of school and parents. For this the teacher does detail observation of each child in first 3 months. Teacher and center head does analysis of 3 strengths of the child and 3 areas where the child needs help. During the parent counseling session the center head, teachers and parents discuss the action plan to foster the strengths and take then to the next level. We also focus on one of the most important area where child needs help. Parents and teachers decide the action plan and timeline to execute the plan. Every quarter there is review meeting and the development of the child is tracked. The main aim is school and parents both should work on similar lines and help in child’s development.

In today’s world every child needs to be an all-rounder for which activities have to be planned out carefully, considering their interest and passion. Bachpan’s activity junction provides an opportunity for children to discover their inner talent. We design activities based on multiple intelligent theory of Howard Gardener which are fun-filled and include sports, art, music, dance, reading and more.