Speaking Books

The school bag of the Bachpanite contains the most innovative books with attractive, portable, child friendly toy called speak-o-pen ever seen in a play school. All books at Bachpan are a magical series of speaking books which recite, sing, pronounce, count, narrate and make children learn playfully and with enjoyment.

Smart Classes with Prismart Magic:

Our digital classes renders learning in the most entertaining, magical, and fun filled manner using High Definition, 3D interactive learning modules with curriculum 100% mapped digital content.

Tablet enabled preschool:

The right aptitude for technology is an increasing need of the hour. In view of this, we have loaded all the learning material for all the grades (Play group to Sr KG) into a portable TAB for after school learning of Bachpan students.

Robotics to enhance creativity:

We at Bachpan are using robots and robotics to teach in novel ways. Children themselves design and create robots that are engaging and give hands-on experience to learn important concepts like math and science.

Robotics at Bachpan is used for enhancing –
1) Motor skills 2) Brain stimulation 3) Visual ability 4) Concentration 5) Shape cognition 6) Creativity

Virtual Reality (VR):

We give virtually realistic experience to the children through VR technology. They go on a trip to a zoo, or on a nature walk, enjoy a water park, play with fishes in an aquarium, etc, sitting right in the classroom with 360 degree view. It transforms abstract and vague concepts into practical settings for children to make learning quick and simple.